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Blux is a lighting company from Spain, design lamps and tech lamps of high quality levels. At our online shop you can find all catalogue of B.lux lamps.

At the B.Lux Group, we are working to ensure a more human, more ecological and more sustainable future. These values, which have been present throughout our 30-year trajectory, have enabled us to grow and consolidate our business culture.

The B.Lux Group encompasses the companies B.Lux S.A. and Vanlux S.A., organisations which are geared to meeting the designer lighting requirements of its customers, with a view to improving their quality of life. Our lamps are created by prestigious designers. Our product differentiation, along with the quality of the finish, forms the foundation of our business.

After 25 years dedicated to manufacturing decorative lamps for the home and certain key groups (DECO collection), in 2005 we launched two new collections on the market. The TECH collection encompasses technical-decorative lamps with a clear technical function, but endowed with a strong aesthetic personality. The URBAN collection features outdoor lamps and lighting solutions, both for private and public use. These products have been technically designed to survive outside, but are made to look like lamps for the home, thereby helping to humanise public spaces.

For the past 30 years, we have been committed to innovating in order to meet the needs of the market. Looking to the future, our aim is to continue working to apply new forms of lighting, which combine technology and sustainability, such as the LED, without losing the essence of our project: the human experience and the environment. At the B.Lux Group, we are committed to gender equality; we recycle all the waste generated by our manufacturing activity and strive to create wealth in our immediate surroundings, since 90% of our raw materials come from Spain, mainly the Basque Country, where we are based. The timber we use to manufacture our lamps comes from controlled forests, which comply with the sustainability criteria established by PEFC. Ever since we first started trading, we have been working with various NGOs.

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