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List of products by manufacturer Mobles 114

Mobles 114 is a spanish furniture manufacturer with an experience of more than 40 years.

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  • 132,68 € 156,09 € -15%

    Barstool Nuta by MObles 114. Designed by Lluis Pau. Collection of barstools with stainless steel brushed seat, polyurethane or wood and chromed steel frame in three heights; epoxy steel painted black.Its lightness, stability and formal austerity bring different qualities to the equipment of bars, cafes, home, or other unique venues.Selección Premio Delta...

    132,68 € 156,09 € -15%
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  • 156,33 € 183,92 € -15%

    Umbrella Stand Platea by Mobles 114. Designed by JM Massana-JM TremoledaUmbrella stand of large capacity that holds any type of umbrella, from regular length models to even small or foldable.The structure is in chromed steel and the aluminum recipient is painted.

    156,33 € 183,92 € -15%
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  • 184,10 € 216,59 € -15%

    Chair Gracia by Mobles 114. Designed by JM Massana - JM Tremoleda & Eduard JuanolaCollection of accurate ergonomic chairs and armchairs manufactured with plywood beach wood seat and chromed steel structure.Stackable chair version, ideal for dining areas, conference rooms or collectives, libraries, classrooms or home. Minimum order: 2 chairs.

    184,10 € 216,59 € -15%
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  • 212,90 € 250,47 € -15%

    Chair Green Colors by M114. Green Colors is the color evolution to the original Green chair, designed by Javier Mariscal for Mobles 114. The result is a new and careful selection of colors, designed to fit any space. The new finishes are 100% recyclable and can be combined with wood or stacking structure (consult us), and also with the outdoor version for...

    212,90 € 250,47 € -15%
    Reduced price!
  • 229,36 € 269,83 € -15%

    Coat stand with built-in umbrella holder. Design by Antonio Arola. This coat stand is inspired by the organic shapes of Siberia’s conifer forest shown in the film Dersu Uzala, from the Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa, where the main character mentions the name Taiga when referring to this forest.  Coat stand for reception areas, hospitality, offices...

    229,36 € 269,83 € -15%
    Reduced price!
  • 230,38 € 271,04 € -15%

    Coat stand Hulot by Mobles 114. Design by Joan Gaspar Coat stand with remarkable formal personality, designed to fulfill its function of use and to emphasize its presence with elegance, color and discretion. Suitable for the office, home and reception areas. Manufactured in aluminum tube and cast iron painted base and top hanger polyamide.

    230,38 € 271,04 € -15%
    Reduced price!
  • 238,61 € 280,72 € -15%

    Stool Luco by Mobles114. Luco is a stool of essential and pure forms, signed by designer Martin Azua's personal view, who combined three features that absolutely complement each other: the traditional craft of woodturning, technology and the most genuine international design. Luco is a turned wood legs stool specially created for places seeking a personal...

    238,61 € 280,72 € -15%
    Reduced price!
  • 248,90 € 292,82 € -15%

    Coat stand Bambú with built-in umbrella holder. Design by JM Massana-JM Tremoleda & E. Juanola Coat stand for office, reception area and home. Built-in umbrellastand version. Painted aluminum tube, polyamide hangers and painted steel base.

    248,90 € 292,82 € -15%
    Reduced price!
  • 266,38 € 313,39 € -15%

    Floor Shelf Tria Pack by Mobles 114. TRIA Pack is the small&contemporary evolution of the original TRIA from 1978. A new design for more dynamic shelving with an essential quality. The simpler, fresher solution by Mobles 114 for your storage requirements, with 3 shelves in the wall version and 4 shelves in the free-standing version. A take-away...

    266,38 € 313,39 € -15%
    Reduced price!
  • 295,18 € 347,27 € -15%

    Gimlet bartool by Mobles 114. Designed by Jorge Pensi. Bartool Gimlet collection with swivel seat PUR polyurethane foam and painted steel structure.Suitable for fitting cafes, vending spaces, catering, and domestic use, sharing equipment with the chair from the same collection.Finalista Premio Delta AdiFad 1999 Minimum order: 2 units Ask us for shipping...

    295,18 € 347,27 € -15%
    Reduced price!
  • 303,41 € 356,95 € -15%

    Armchair OM BASIC by Mobles 114. Designed by Martín Azía. Polyethylene monobloc manufactured armchair for indoor and outdoor use, suitable for hotels, restaurants, cafes, terraces, gardens, meeting rooms and reception areas or domestic use.Product 100% recyclable.

    303,41 € 356,95 € -15%
    Reduced price!
  • 307,34 €

    Coat stand Elx by Punt. Designed by Vicent Martínez. Vertical coat hanger (attached to the wall). The hangers alike curved palm tree leaves. Extruded anodised aluminium frame and a wooden hanger made with curved E1 plywood (low formaldehyde content) in beech. Colours: natural beech structure+ different colours

    307,34 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items