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  • 229,36 € 269,83 € -15%

    Coat stand with built-in umbrella holder. Design by Antonio Arola. This coat stand is inspired by the organic shapes of Siberia’s conifer forest shown in the film Dersu Uzala, from the Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa, where the main character mentions the name Taiga when referring to this forest.  Coat stand for reception areas, hospitality, offices...

    229,36 € 269,83 € -15%
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  • 230,38 € 271,04 € -15%

    Coat stand Hulot by Mobles 114. Design by Joan Gaspar Coat stand with remarkable formal personality, designed to fulfill its function of use and to emphasize its presence with elegance, color and discretion. Suitable for the office, home and reception areas. Manufactured in aluminum tube and cast iron painted base and top hanger polyamide.

    230,38 € 271,04 € -15%
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  • 248,90 € 292,82 € -15%

    Coat stand Bambú with built-in umbrella holder. Design by JM Massana-JM Tremoleda & E. Juanola Coat stand for office, reception area and home. Built-in umbrellastand version. Painted aluminum tube, polyamide hangers and painted steel base.

    248,90 € 292,82 € -15%
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  • 300,00 €

    Coat Stand Alta Tensione by Kartell. Designed by Enzo Mari. Functional and colourful, Alta Tensione is a practical clothes stand which slots easily into any corner of the house and which is good for ornamental purposes. The elegance of the design is accompanied by the refined combination of finishes: the aluminium support climbs into clothes caps made of...

    300,00 €
  • 306,49 € 360,58 € -15%

    Coat stand Mirac by Mobles 114. Design by JM Massana-JM Tremoleda The Mirac floor version offers service and savings, at the same time completes discreetly the equipment in the office, meeting rooms, classrooms, domestic areas and reception areas.Painted aluminum tube, brass hooks and cast iron base painted in grey. Plastic hanger.Selección Premio Delta...

    306,49 € 360,58 € -15%
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  • 307,34 €

    Coat stand Elx by Punt. Designed by Vicent Martínez. Vertical coat hanger (attached to the wall). The hangers alike curved palm tree leaves. Extruded anodised aluminium frame and a wooden hanger made with curved E1 plywood (low formaldehyde content) in beech. Colours: natural beech structure+ different colours

    307,34 €
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items